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Webpack support

Setting up new project with Webpack support

Start with a new project, using the webpack template:


mkdir mysite
cd mysite
python3.11 -m venv env-mysite
source ./env-mysite/bin/activate

Scaffolding of the new site:

pip install wagtail-cjkcms python-webpack-boilerplate # note additional package requirement
cjkcms mysite --template=webpack # change mysite to your project name
cd mysite
npm install
# ... continue with standard setup: migrate, createsuperuser:
python migrate
python createsuperuser

Starting a webpack-based website requires additional steps, compared to the standard CjkCMS setup.

  1. In the scaffolding step above, you needed to additionally pip install python-webpack-boilerplate.

  2. For development, you will need two console windows open, rather than one:

npm start # terminal #1 - start first
./ runserver # terminal #2
  1. By default, the CMS is configured to use standard (CDN) Bootstrap 5.3. To switch to Webpack-based Bootstrap, you need to go to the admin interface (/backend) and in Settings->Layout->Theming -> change the source of your Bootstrap theme.

Then you can start developing your site. For example, try modifying the colors in frontend/src/styles/index.scss and see the changes in the browser:

$primary: rgb(201 136 79); // (no obvious change, as there is no element with primary color in default site content)
$light: rgb(132 201 140); // this will change e.g. the navbar background color, by default set to light.