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Unit Tests for cjkcms are stored in cjkcms/tests folder.

Running tests

You can run the tests from multiple locations in the folder structure. The following assumes a more complex folder structure, where the wagtail project is located in a separate folder, e.g. 'devsite', and the repository with the cjkcms app is located at the same level, and installed with pip -e .

Example folder structure:

env-cms # virtual environment
devsite # wagtail project
wagtail-cjkcms # cjkcms repository downloaded using git-clone

running pytest from devsite folder:

pytest ../wagtail-cjkcms/cjkcms/tests

running pytest from wagtail-cjkcms (repository root folder):

pytest cjkcms

using load_tests function in repository root folder:


See this page for additional information on how test projects are set up. CjkCMS uses setups #1 and #3.