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Why another cms


CjkCMS is based on a fork of another CMS system, Wagtail CMS / CRX.

While the original system is a great tool as a standalone Wagtail project, CjkCMS aims to be a lightweight alternative, installable as a Django/Wagtail application into any existing Wagtail project.

The rationale behind CjkCMS and the key differences between CjkCMS and CRX are:

  • CjkCMS can be installed as a new app onto an existing Wagtail website. CRX expects you to set up a new Wagtail site with the CMS support enabled.
  • CjkCMS removed from CRX some features that we do not find useful (i.e. features that we have not used even once over the last 18+ months), for example: Content Walls, Locations, Events, FlexForms.
  • CjkCMS adds new features not present in CRX, e.g. support for protected (domain-locked) Vimeo files, support for both plain Bootstrap5 and MDBootstrap5, as well as Django-Webpack-Boilerplate

Wagtail CMS/CRX is a fantastic piece of software, with great documentation, and our modified fork would not be possible without it. Thank you, dev team!