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Changing page layout

CjkCMS has 25+ bootstrap-based themes built in. You can change the layout of your page by selecting a theme from the Layout dropdown in the Settings tab of the admin interface.

There are three elements that can be changed:

  1. Navbar: leave default to auto-adjust to the theme, or force a light or dark navbar.

  2. Navbar CSS - add custom CSS class to the navbar, e.g. "bg-dark text-white", or "text-primary" etc.

  3. The main theme for the website. Under Theming, choose one of available themes based on CDN Bootstrap 5 CSS. Alternatively, choose Python Webpack Boilerplate to use a custom-built theme.

To use the Webpack boilerplate, quick-start a your project using template=webpack option, or see here for instructions of manual integration of the webpack boilerplate.

CjkCMS offers: - standard Bootstrap 5 theme - all Bootswatch themes - light and dark MDBootstrap themes